JustGiving London Data Day

Yesterday, saw the first London data day at JustGiving’s office in Paddington. The session was fully booked and attended by about 50 charities. The purpose of this session was to inform charities about reports that are available through the JustGiving charity account. It was great to get charities in the same room who have been experiencing pain with processing JustGiving data.

To anyone who attended, it was great to see you and I hope you managed to get something out of the day. Here is the feedback from one of the charities a great afternoon yesterdayWe both thoroughly enjoyed it, and took away some really valuable things…

To those of you who wanted to attend the session please contact the JustGiving team who will look at running another session soon.

Gift Aid Changes

More changes are being put on an agenda for september around changes for Gift Aid. One of the key things that I think that this should concentrate on is making gift aid more inclusive. It’s always difficult area of fundraising to understand what you can and can’t claim for, hopefully this reform should make it easier for all.Gift Aid is worth approximately £1billion per year to charities

To find out more about the basics of Gift Aid here

This was published recently in Civil Society about the rise in GiftAid Claims: