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How Giving Brings You To The Top Of The Pyramid

Does this change the way in which we look at tackling major donor fundraising? I’ve listened to lots of people talk about Deepak Chopra and the insights that this view provides. How does this helps us get out of the current fiscal challenges that we face across the globe? Read more here

Many of these millionaires and billionaires are now signing up the Giving Pledge, pledging to give the majority of their wealth (not some of their wealth but the majority of it!) to philanthropy while living. Not all of them have self-actualization as their goal when signing up to the pledge, some will no doubt do it out of the need for esteem, but you could argue that once you have acquired everything that we commonly find so important, these things actually turn out to not be so important anymore and a longing for something more fulfilling arises.

How Giving Brings You To The Top Of The Pyramid – Forbes.