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Do or do not. There is no try.
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Why it is important.

Some organisations have database teams who are just up against it. Some organisations don’t have database people and rely on super users of the system to take the organisation to where it needs to go.

Having a data partner that you can work with to make sure that your supporters are getting the best experience is key to retaining those supporters.

Actually Data have helped lots of charities get timely answers to many of these questions but here are some examples of where we’ve helped and added value.

Examples of how we have helped:

Process improvements involving data integration: We’ve worked with organisations to help support database teams by building bespoke applications to help transform or speed up Internal processes. We have worked with teams to transform external data sources like Engaging Networks / JustGiving into the correct format for importing into CRM systems. Taking out the time taken and errors associated with rekeying or manual imports.

Process Improvements involving financial data reconciliation: We’ve worked across finance/fundraising and database/supporter care teams to help with financial reconciliation  processes to ensure that the income received on the bank statement matches the income in the finance and CRM systems. These processes are normally extremely manual and things that teams really don’t enjoy. We’re here to help try and remove the pain points or at least clarify what they are.

Strategic Data Direction: We’ve worked with senior leaders to help point them in the right direction of how to get the best from the CRM system and get better user engagement. We have also help Senior Leadership teams identify where they should invest in strategic direction of the organisation based on reporting and services data and looking at how these things impact each other. Our Reporting suite led the way for one organisation to change their approach to supporter journeys  and engaging service users with a soft fundraising ask.

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