Inform your actions

Errors using inadequate data are much less than those using no data at all.
Charles Babbage

Reporting and measurement is important to any organisation, to see what’s working, what is not working and drive change. Whatever your data infrastructure let Actually Data help you establish timely and easy to manage reporting.

Why it is important.

It is essential for a charity to at the very minimum be measuring core information on a regular basis for example how many people: are giving, are being added to the database and have given permission to be contacted and what is our average gift amount.

Equally important is that getting access to this information isn’t time intensive or getting in the way of business as usual.

In many organisations just retrieving, validating and presenting this basic data is complex and is diverting people from their essential day to day tasks.

The reasons for this can be numerous including legacy systems, mismatched data types and lack of training.

Actually Data have helped lots of charities overcome these barriers and develop effective reporting for the future. Here are some examples of where we’ve helped and added value.

Examples of how we have helped:

Standard day to day reporting for a Hospice charity: who had dashboards built within their CRM system and that was their only reporting that was produced. The team relied on the database person to create and change these each financial year and they were not easily manipulated and not all of their requirements were being met with the dashboards that the system produced. We worked with them to create a really simple suite of reports that compare where they are now to where they were last year to show how successful they are in the current financial period.

Strategic reporting for a health charity: who wanted commercial style reporting to help deliver business strategy and insight into programs that they were running. This meant building a way for them to interrogate the data and be really granular to see what was working and what wasn’t working. This has meant a reduction in the need to send all requests through to the database team as the team are becoming more self sufficient in looking at their performance. We were shortlisted for a DMA Award for the work that we had delivered with the team here. We’ve also delivered bespoke training and analysis to help drive segmentation plans and review donor programs for fundraising teams.

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