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How to review your CRM System

Now you are back in the swing of things, the January blues have faded and you are looking forward to your new goals for 2015, it is the perfect time to think about checking that your CRM system is in good shape to help you achieve your targets.

CRM systems need love, care and attention, if you are going to get the best from them and keep them accurate. This is essential to make it easy for all your staff to use, update and understand the data.

databasecartoonWhen I visit charities as part of my consultancy work I often find that their CRM systems are organic beasts.  With changes in staff or business processes or sometimes both, over time, what used to be a lean and relevant system with clear procedures has become increasingly a long winded process that doesn’t easily meet the needs of the organisation’s current objectives.


NFP Techno – Interview with Martin Jervis CEO, Blackbaud Europe

Interview with Martin Jervis CEO, Blackbaud EuropeNFP TECHNO took time out recently to interview Martin Jervis, CEO of Blackbaud Europe.

via NFP Techno.


The Mergician

David Zeidman alltime guru on API’s for The Raiser’s Edge has developed a really useful tool called “The Mergician”


Merging constituent records in The Raiser’s Edge is easily done but only on a record by record basis. Most organisations have many duplicate records. The Mergician makes it a simple task to merge multiple constituents.

Find out more  here The Mergician.