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How Giving Brings You To The Top Of The Pyramid

Does this change the way in which we look at tackling major donor fundraising? I’ve listened to lots of people talk about Deepak Chopra and the insights that this view provides. How does this helps us get out of the current fiscal challenges that we face across the globe? Read more here


One million more people giving, but total donations flat

More than a million extra people donated to charity in the last financial year, but even so the total value of donations made by the British public remained flat at £11bn.

The UK Giving 2011 report, released this morning, found that the level of giving in 2010/2011 was the same as that of the previous year and down £900m in real terms on the pre-recession high of 2007/2008.

Despite low consumer confidence throughout the period, the proportion of British adults giving reached previous highs of 58 per cent from a low of 54 per cent in 2008/2009. In any given month over the past year an average of 29.5 million people donated to charity in the UK. This represented a 1.1 million increase on 2009/2010 levels, but given that the average amount given per month slipped from £12 to £11 year on year, this increase in the number of givers did not push the needle on the total amount donated by individuals.

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Fundraising and new technology – maximising online and mobile giving

If the potential of the mobile and other online fundraising options is to be reached, how can fundraisers make sure they have the necessary skills to help deliver? According to the Virtual Promise survey by nfpSynergy, published in 2009, 67% of 187 charities questioned said that inadequate staff skills were an obstacle in helping the organisation make the most of the internet – just slightly fewer than the previous year. Its an issue taken up by the Institute of Fundraising. In the past two years, the Institute has been running a series of “webinars” – online seminars – for members, focusing on the internet and professional skills. Its academy also offers courses on e-fundraising and making the most of social media. At the same time the Institute, as part of its civil society work with the Office for Civil Society, has tailored a training course in e-fundrasing specifically for smaller charities.

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Justtextgiving – It’s time for the sector to get creative

This is a huge opportunity for charities and I think it shows that it’s time for the sector to get very creative and ambitious when coming up with ideas for how companies can help them.

I’m sure that if a couple of years ago someone had come up with the bright idea that one of the major mobile networks should fund the development and running of a totally free text donation service for every charity and fundraiser in the whole of the UK, they would have been laughed out the door.

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JustTextGiving is a new service that helps charities, no matter how big or small, raise more money. Donations can now be made with a simple text message and it’s free to set up and run.

Your charity gets every penny

No set up fee. No membership fee.
No commission. No catches.

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