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Last week I attended the Institute of Fundraising Insight Conference. This conference marked 10 years of the group being set up and was very well attended.

From the sessions that I sat in on I felt that this was the place that the cool kids were hanging out and most of the sessions left me buoyed and excited with what was possible and where, as a sector, we are heading. I still have my hang ups about the sector, in so much as Data People are still not seen in all organisations at senior leadership levels and I think they should be to enable the voice of the data to be heard but everything that I saw said that there is appetite for this now.

So with this in mind, here are my key takeaways:


Best bits: What 2012 holds for your charity – and you

A snip from Diana Mackie – PR Manager at the Institute of Fundraising

The basics: New technology will enable a range of fundraising trends in 2012; online giving is rightly a focus but its important not to lose sight of the basics involved in raising money.

Key areas include:

consistent communication of your charitys brand,

excellent donor care processes

an investment in individual fundraisers training and development to ensure practitioners are up to speed with the rapidly changing public sector landscape.

Ultimately, online is just one channel a charity can use to communicate and raise money. Direct marketing, for example, still remains a useful tool for many charities, as does the traditional donor newsletter either in hard copy or distributed electronically.

via Best bits: What 2012 holds for your charity – and you | Voluntary Sector Network | Guardian Professional.

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JustGiving reveals average donation values of social media

Online fundraising platform JustGiving can now tell us which social media sites drive the most donations and which drive the highest average donations.

According to the sites own data, donors reaching JustGiving from Twitter are the most generous in that they give the highest average amount of £30.26.

People on Facebook however are more frequently persuaded to give via JustGiving.

The average values of donors giving on JustGiving following a call to action through social networks are:

Twitter – £30.26

YouTube – £28.77

LinkedIn – £25.21

Facebook – £18.33

Google+ – £17.77

via JustGiving reveals average donation values of social media shares | UK Fundraising.


One million more people giving, but total donations flat

More than a million extra people donated to charity in the last financial year, but even so the total value of donations made by the British public remained flat at £11bn.

The UK Giving 2011 report, released this morning, found that the level of giving in 2010/2011 was the same as that of the previous year and down £900m in real terms on the pre-recession high of 2007/2008.

Despite low consumer confidence throughout the period, the proportion of British adults giving reached previous highs of 58 per cent from a low of 54 per cent in 2008/2009. In any given month over the past year an average of 29.5 million people donated to charity in the UK. This represented a 1.1 million increase on 2009/2010 levels, but given that the average amount given per month slipped from £12 to £11 year on year, this increase in the number of givers did not push the needle on the total amount donated by individuals.

via One million more people giving, but total donations flat – Civil Society – Fundraising – News – providing news and in-depth coverage of charities, voluntary organisations and not-for-profits.

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Why Your Non-Profit Needs to Stop Ignoring LinkedIn

A non-profit on LinkedIn is a bit of an oxymoron. As the world’s most popular business networking site, it wasn’t long ago that LinkedIn was no place for a charity. But recently, LinkedIn has seen the value in causes. Users can now add causes they support to their profile. This charitable online identity is something that employers and peers are starting to use as an indicator of personal integrity.

It’s logical that you’d want to get your non-profit listed as one of these profile options, and now is the best time yet to put your non-profit on LinkedIn. Here’s why.

via Why Your Non-Profit Needs to Stop Ignoring LinkedIn.