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The Insight from Insight

Last week I attended the Institute of Fundraising Insight Conference. This conference marked 10 years of the group being set up and was very well attended.

From the sessions that I sat in on I felt that this was the place that the cool kids were hanging out and most of the sessions left me buoyed and excited with what was possible and where, as a sector, we are heading. I still have my hang ups about the sector, in so much as Data People are still not seen in all organisations at senior leadership levels and I think they should be to enable the voice of the data to be heard but everything that I saw said that there is appetite for this now.

So with this in mind, here are my key takeaways:


Gift Aid Changes

More changes are being put on an agenda for september around changes for Gift Aid. One of the key things that I think that this should concentrate on is making gift aid more inclusive. It’s always difficult area of fundraising to understand what you can and can’t claim for, hopefully this reform should make it easier for all.Gift Aid is worth approximately £1billion per year to charities

To find out more about the basics of Gift Aid here

This was published recently in Civil Society about the rise in GiftAid Claims:


Charity Data Day Success

Anthony from presented to a room full of appreciative charities on a new application available to assist not-for-profit organisations in inputting their online donations into their fundraising systems.